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Available for speaking engagements with optional quick nutritional counseling sessions afterwards. Able to travel.

Elizabeth Roebber, RDN
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Tempt Healthy Eating: General Nutrition focused on strategies to eat a healthy diet and not give in to all the food temptation around us.

What is Diabetes: Discussion about diabetes aimed at the general population and those with pre-diabetes. Focus on diet strategies to prevent the development of diabetes.

Why we need more nutrition information than we are getting from the media:


A good diet is one of the best ways to become healthy and stay that way. Healthy employees are happier and more productive!

Still there is so much nutrition information out there. We’re overwhelmed with advice: Avoid gluten, sugar, and non-GMO produce. Eat more Kale and consider a juice cleanse! Do we need more nutrition advice in the workplace?!?

The trouble with all this information is—that most of it comes from people selling us stuff. Helpful nutrition advice is not easily found because there are no short term profits to be made.

Helpful nutrition advice, advice that keeps us healthy, is not sexy. It’s pedantic, boring and reasonable. It never says to avoid eating certain foods—it says eat less of them. It never says eat only certain healthy foods—it says eat more of that category of foods.

But helpful nutrition advice is extremely powerful. Our lifestyle choices are responsible for 75% of our hope for living a long and healthy life.

Helpful nutrition advice is reasonable. It asks for small changes that can be continued for a lifetime. People are happier when they succeed with a small change than when they fail with an impossible diet.

Helpful nutrition advice promises no miracles but it can lead to halting further weight gain and even to some gradual weight loss. Weight loss that does not slow the body’s metabolism.

Helpful nutrition advice makes people more productive. Small lifestyle changes are easy to incorporate into home and work life. It does not require the time and energy needed for a juice cleanse or planning a diet that avoids a whole group of foods. It leaves time for other matters.

Helpful nutrition advice works. A national study the Diabetes Prevention Study that encouraged small changes through 16 weeks of nutrition classes, lifestyle coaching and walking just 20+ minutes a day, was twice as effective at preventing the onset of diabetes as standard care. Furthermore that benefit lasted: even 10 years later, participants were still a third less likely to have developed diabetes.

Here is how helpful nutrition advice differs from the sensational advice we see in media:

  • Instead of avoiding all foods with gluten, frequently choose whole grain bread, pasta and rice
  • Instead of avoiding all sugar, aim to cut back to 12 teaspoons of added sugar a day
  • Instead of eating only non-GMO produce, eat less processed foods
  • Instead of eating only kale, add an extra serving of vegetables
  • Instead of a week-long juice cleanse, use smaller plates and cups to reduce portion size

We need to provide helpful nutritional information that is based on science. This information is missing in the public arena. It should be added to school curriculum. There should be presentations on nutrition at work-sites and club meetings. Wellness fairs should incorporate helpful nutrition based interactive displays to counter the booths that are paid for by companies selling the other versions of “nutrition.”

Helpful nutrition advice can help Americans improve their health through small, sustainable changes. These successful lifestyle changes make people happier, healthier and more productive!